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My top 5 favourite true crime podcasts

Anyone who knows me could tell you that I’m obsessed with true crime podcasts. I listen to them when I’m cooking, exercising, cleaning, shopping, driving – I probably spend more time with my podcast app than my family and friends. Now, there’s a lot of choices out there, so I’ve written this blog to honour the podcasts I love, and introduce you to some amazing people and ideas, that as true crime writers and readers, will blow your mind.

Here they are in no particular order…

1) My Favorite Murder – a new one for me, so I’m currently working my way through their back catalogue of episodes. Great hosts that make me laugh and scare me with their murder stories equally. I think the true test of a podcast is if you’d want to have lunch with the hosts – and yes these ladies are definitely on my murder-obsessed wavelength.

2) The Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – another group of great hosts that tackle interesting topics ranging from aliens to serial killers to cults. As a writer, if you’re stuck for an idea, then look no further than these guys with their in-depth research and engaging conversations that make you feel like you’re down the pub with friends… who have somehow managed to tap a vein of forbidden knowledge.

3) Rebutting a Murderer – Now, I’ve had many a rant about the Netflix series Making a Murderer, and this podcast has not just given me the evidence I need, but also the justification on my gut reaction to this crime to enter into any debate. A must for anyone wanting to hear both sides of the story.

4) Real Crime Profile – Tackling modern well-known cases such as Madeline McCann, Amanda Knox, The Staircase and more, these podcast hosts have opened my eyes on both the procedure, and the passion, that our most dedicated law enforcement officers exhibit both here and across the pond. The dynamics of the hosts are a perfect mix of expert and enigmatic. If I ever go missing, I’d want these hosts to find out what happened to me (if they could do a team-up with the other 4 podcast hosts – that would be awesome)

5) Monster – two seasons in and they’ve covered the Atlanta Child Murders (Which I knew nothing about) and the Zodiac (which it turns out I knew shamefully little about) Thoroughly engrossing, and great narrative throughout the episodes and series – something us writers can appreciate.

Podcasts are an excellent company, and as I’ve discovered, great ones like the shows above, are highly addictive – so be warned. If you start listening to these, be prepared to dedicate a serious amount of time. And, in my opinion, whether you’re a true crime reader or writer, it’s well worth it.

Published by Nicky Peacock - Author

N V Peacock is an author of thriller books. She also writes YA and horror as Nicky Peacock She has been published in 5 countries and has worked with over 20 publishers.

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